Your Pilgrimage Leaders:


Rev. Nettie M. Spiwack, Founder, Sanctuary Center, LLC., is an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Healer, Teacher & Musician. Raised with a strong Jewish background, she has also been immersed in Christian and Hindu spirituality, as well as global diversity studies through Worldwork from the Process Work Institute. All these influences allow her to bring a broad interfaith perspective to this journey.

Rev. Nettie has spent decades studying with the masters of mysticism and healing, and has made life-changing pilgrimage trips to be with such masters as Sathya Sai Baba in India, John of God in Brazil, Mahendra Trivedi & Ron Roth in the USA. She studied for years in doctoral-level programs with Caroline Myss and C. Norman Shealy, M.D., as well as at Worldwork with Arnold & Amy Mindell, and with numerous other teachers from transformational, spiritual, and energy medicine disciplines.

Rev. Nettie has also had a long career as a corporate consultant, where she has worked with thousands of people at every level of the workforce on their development and career.

Rev. Nettie says: Join us for a Holy Land pilgrimage unlike any other! This journey was inspired as a call to those who want to Be the embodiment of Unity, Healing and Celebration! You needn’t be perfect, you needn’t be an activist, you needn’t have worked out all the wrinkles in your own world-view. You need only have the heartfelt desire to embrace and embody spiritual wholeness, to broaden your own perspective, to celebrate your own faith with those like you and with those differing from you, and to go deeply into the Heart of Faith in the Land that is the crossroads of three of the great religions of the world, as well as a home to others you may not even know!

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 Fr. Steven Porter has served as a Catholic priest for 31 years. He currently serves the Diocese of San Bernardino in California as pastor of a large mainly Latino/Hispanic parish.

Fr. Steve has an extensive worldview, the development of which started with his origins in India, his youth spent in South Africa, his schooling in England and his formative seminary years in Rome.

Since that time he has loved traveling the world, and is known for his ability to minister to people from every walk of life.

Fr. Steve has a reality TV show in development: “Divine Interventions with Father Steve”.See a preview

He loves to travel the world sharing his love of God and helping people to develop their own connections to the love of God.

Father Steve says: “Jerusalem? Holy Land? Why? Because it’s there and it’s calling your name… Abraham founded this city, David enlarged it, Solomon built the Temple; Jesus walked the streets, prayed the prayers, died the death, leapt to heaven there; for thousands of years people of every nation and faith have crossed their paths (and sometimes their swords) there – will you come and join me, and Jewish and Muslim brothers and sisters, to pray for peace?”


Rabbi Roger Ross is the Executive Director of The Rabbinical Seminary International as well as the Rabbinical Fellowship of America, Int’l. He is a Board Member of The International Federation of Rabbis.

Rabbi Ross is very active in numerous NGOs supporting interfaith activities through the United Nations. He is a member of the Executive Council of the Committee on Spiritual Values and Global Concerns at the UN in New York , a member of the United Religious Initiatives and the Committee of Religious NGOs at the UN-NY.

For ten years, Rabbi Ross served as Executive Director of the New Seminary, the oldest ordaining body for Interfaith Ministers in the USA.

Rabbi Roger says: Isn’t it time to see and experience the Holy Land as did our ancestors of the three Abrahamic traditions?

The Heart of Faith journey is more than a pilgrimage…it is the opportunity to truly experience this breath- taking part of the world though the eyes and heart of multiple faiths; traditions beyond your own.

Do we really want to be the peace that all strive for? What better way to do that than to bring powerful spiritual peace-filled energy to a land yearning to return to peace…a land of peace and blessings for all who live there…a land that would set an example for the rest of the world of what it means to live in the space of peace and love?

Have you felt that yearning to visit Israel; to make a difference in a spiritual way; but you haven’t found the right way to do it?


The Heart of faith Journey is the answer to that yearning. Come join us!  

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Gershon Priewer, our guide in Israel, moved to Jerusalem from South America in 1962 to study history and archeology.

In the late 1960′s the Ministry of Tourism in Israel was opening their certification program for professional guides. Visitors to Israel are always astonished by the comprehensive knowledge the guides possess on every aspect of history, religion and culture. Gershon’s background made him an obvious choice to unlock the beauties, mysteries and fantastic crossroads of Israel and the surrounding region to visitors to Israel.
His multi-lingual abilities (Hebrew, English, French & Spanish) and his comprehensive knowledge of world spiritual traditions—added to his historical and archeological areas of expertise—make him the ideal leader for this special interfaith pilgrimage.

In addition to decades of leading Jewish groups, Gershon has guided trips for many high-profile clients and groups of every background, including Indonesian Muslims, and special tour groups for Caroline Myss, Benny Hinn, Robert Schuller, numerous other Christian luminaries as well as many Hollywood stars.

He remains as passionate and enthusiastic today about his views of the treasures of the Holy Land and the countries of the Middle East as he was when he first started!


The Heart of Faith Pilgrimage 2013 is offered through Frosch Travel

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