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Celebrate the Heart of Faith
in the Heart of the Holy Land!

Journey with a Unique Interfaith Pilgrimage Dedicated to

March 4 —16, 2013


Have you …
  • Wanted to see sacred sights not only through your physical eyes, but through your spiritual heart?
  • Longed to have your feet walk the sacred soil of Jerusalem, the Galilee, the Judean desert— the “land of milk and honey”?
  • Felt the call to peace and unity, while having your own deeply cherished faith or spiritual roots?
  • Had a nagging feeling that it’s time now to make the special journeys you’ve been putting off for “someday”?
Are you…
  • A person who sees the world through spiritual eyes?
  • A mystic at heart, while you live a so-called “ordinary life?”
  • Someone who desires to broaden your own spiritual walk in the world while celebrating your own traditions?
  • Curious how others experience the Sacred?
  • Not just a traveler or a tourist, but a pilgrim—a spiritual journeyer?
Do you…
  • See yourself as a healer—not necessarily by profession, but by your walk in the world with others?
  • Long to go deeply into the heart of the Divine?
  • Desire to be “an instrument of peace”?
  • Want to “Be the Change We are Waiting For?”
  • Know that “You Are a Light?”
This pilgrimage is for you if…
  • You are ripe for an extraordinary, wonderful, spiritual and joyous journey of faith and friendship to the land that has been the crossroads of religion for millennia!
  • The standard tours are not spiritual enough…or…
  • The usual pilgrimage is limited in its scope, and you know there is so much more…
This group is not a “tour”, though it has many elements included on tours. It is a pilgrimage in that pilgrims go to sacred places seeking a blessing and profound inner change. But it is more—it is a call to travel together to BE a vibration of unity and healing, merely through your presence; to give at the level of Spirit, in addition to receiving.


Most Holy Land tours to Israel give you a single lens through which to experience this beautiful and complex country —you see it only through the eyes of your own faith, or through the lens of history, politics or archeology.  While those are wonderful experiences—ones you may already have had—you may be ready now to go beyond the borders of your own understanding.

But why do that?

We live in an era of increasing polarization of people with different political and religious views. There is still plenty of separation and fear; hatred, violence and constant threats of war, but there is also a huge worldwide blossoming of unity of feeling among those who recognize the Heart of God beating in every individual.

This is also an extraordinary time: one of doors opening that were never open before! Within a few short decades, we’ve gone from a world in which people of different faiths were barely able to whisper the name of another denomination to an era in which all the spiritual wisdom of the world can be downloaded to your computer in seconds, and interfaith experiences have a new meaning and open new doors.

This is a spiritual call to bring an open heart, vibrating with love and compassion, and to share that heart, joining in prayer with brothers and sisters of other faiths!

“Blessed the peacemakers, for they shall be called the Children of God” (Matthew 5,9 – Catholic Jerusalem Bible)

 So why go to Israel with us?
  • To pray with spiritual friends of other faith traditions, for peace in the world, for peace in Jerusalem, which starts with peace in our own hearts;
  • To be in the sacred energy of the Land that is holy to three great faith traditions, and has been a place of holiness for over 3000 years and to appreciate it through the eyes of our different traditions making the picture whole;
  • To pray where Abraham prayed; where the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Abrahamic faiths lie at rest;
  • To be where Moses looked upon and desired to pray; where David composed the psalms, where Solomon in his glory built the great House of the Lord; where, Elijah and Isaiah prayed;
  • To journey where Jesus was born and where Mary prayed; where Peter and Andrew, James and John fished and prayed
  • To bathe in the waters of the Jordan and to row on the Sea of Galilee
  • To pray where the Temple of the Glory of the Name of the Lord stood
  • To be where Mohammed leapt to heaven.
The Heart of Faith Holy Land Pilgrimage 2013 is your opportunity to visit Israel and Palestine with leaders and spiritual travelers from diverse perspectives.

BE the spirit of Unity, Healing & Celebration
Let this outer journey take you inward to the Heart of Faith!